Return to DeToxMax in Carotid Disease

RS had undergone right carotid surgery prior to beginning the DeToxMax study.  His left carotid had actually been improving, but it opened up further following 20 weeks of DeToxMax and Nattokinase.

WT's carotid disease had been worsening, but the velocities in both arteries fell post-treatment, consistent with an improvement in blood flow.

PM had been worsening.  His right carotid continued to progress, but his more severely diseased left carotid opened up on treatment.



DM was improving in his minimally diseased right carotid; the velocities rose slightly on study.  His more severely narrowed left carotid had been worsening, and it opened up some on treatment.

JW was worsening in both arteries; the tide was changed with DeToxMax and Nattokinase.

MD was worsening on the right and improved with DeToxMax.  He had undergone a left carotid endarterectomy; mild residual disease lessened on treatment.