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                                                                                    Covid-19 Pandemic Office Policies


We know that you wish to protect your colleagues, and our staff.  You understand that if we get sick, we can’t help you or anyone else. 

 Therefore, please do not enter our office (call in instead) if:

1. You have been diagnosed with a Covid-19 infection.
2. You are experiencing Covid-19/Flu-like symptoms such as unexplained cough, fever, or shortness of breath (not related to a heart condition).
3. You have been in close proximity to an infected individual.
4. You have traveled internationally or domestically to an urban center stricken with a high rate of infection

Call in instead and we can decide how best to handle your health needs.  This practice focuses on prevention; we are not equipped as an acute care facility.

None of us are infected with Covid-19 but because we are interacting with so many people, we may be wearing face masks.  We would like you to wear some form of mask or face covering
as well.  This practice may or may not protect us from picking up Covid-19 from a patient, but were one of us to experience asymptomatic infection, this practice would likely protect you.

Our IV schedule will be altered, to allow social distancing, and also so that we can focus on IV treatments that enhance immune defense capability.

The Covid-19 pandemic will come to an end.  All of us in the office received our first Covid vaccine shot in 1/21, with our second injection in 2/21.  All of you who are at risk for complicated Covid infection have had access to the vaccine. 

During this difficult period you cooperation will help us and help us help you.

                                                                                                                        Dr. Robert and the Staff or Comprehensive Heart Care     9/9/21




We have not, and likely will not, ban international and domestic travel.  Thus, unless we hole up indoors over the next three months, exposure to Covid 19 (the Corona virus), to which none of us are intrinsically immune, is likely inevitable.  Just as with the winter flu, to which each of us is exposed, each and every year, the severity of symptoms we experience from Corona will relate to our pre-existent health status.  Constitutionally strong individuals (I last missed a day of work, due to the flu, 25 years ago) may experience only minor symptoms.  Conversely, individuals in poor health, the elderly, and those taking immune-suppressant medications could experience overwhelming viremia (this will account for the anticipated 1% mortality in the US).  Our game plan here is not to panic, but to prepare, limit our exposure to potentially infected others in relation to our individual risk, and to take steps to bolster our immune defenses and overall health vitality.

                                                                                                                                 Viral Invasion

Corona itself is a never-before-seen-by humanity entity, likely an animal virus that “jumped” to humans (like SARS, MERS, and Ebola).  Thus, none of us have had the opportunity to develop an acquired, specific, immune defense against Corona.  Viruses invade our system, enter our cells, and there reproduce. Viral particles incorporate into our genetic code, hijack our enzyme systems to generate new viral proteins, which then assemble to form new viral particles. The viral choked cell dies, releasing new viral particles to infect adjacent cells, and via the blood stream, to invade distant cells.  A specific, acquired immune response to Corona will develop, rendering one forever immune from Corona re-infection, but this will take time.


                                                                                                                              Viral Immunity

 Our cells are constantly generating, and then degrading, structural and enzymatic proteins.  Snippets of these protein structures (8-12 amino acid in length “antigenic determinants”) will be expressed on the cell membrane by MHC I molecules (they wave the flag – “this is what I am”).  Roving Natural Killer and CD8+ (self-surveillance) T lymphocytes are constantly monitoring the protein snippets expressed by MHC 1 molecules. If a “non-self” protein snippet (such as a Corona protein antigenic determinant) is expressed, the cell will be marked for destruction (apoptosis, or programmed cell suicide).  Corona determinants will be taken up by first line defense cells, which will then high-tail it to the nearest lymph node, where they will present the Corona determinant to the one trillion resting T lymphocytes within the lymph structure.  As Corona is not “self”, one of these T lymphocytes will bear a specific T cell receptor that recognizes Corona as a “non-self-invader”. This one-in-a-trillion T cell will activate and begin to reproduce itself. Over time (depending upon the pre-existent vigor of our immune system) trillions of T lymphocytes locked-and loaded to recognize and kill Corona will reach every cell, and Corona will be destroyed.  Memory T cells will persist, such that if we are re-exposed to Corona, the immune systems can make short work of the threat.  A Corona vaccine, when available, will be a dead or attenuated Corona particle, administered with an adjuvant (immune stimulant) to mimic Corona infection and generate a protective, acquired immune response.  Thus, upon exposure to Corona the immune system, already locked-and-loaded, will kill it immediately and you will not get sick.


                                                                                                                  Support Against Corona

During the time lag, between exposure and onset of effective, acquired immunity, we can suffer symptoms and structural damage on the basis of undefended viremia.  Here we can support ourselves, with common sense measures, and interventions designed to heighten our intrinsic immune defenses and kill invading viruses (and bacteria for that matter).  I am not an immunologist or expert in infectious diseases, but as atherosclerosis is a maladaptive response to the immune systems to what it perceives as infection with oxidized LDL (as you hear from me over and over), I’ve learned a great deal about the immune response. Also, as I’ve been in practice for three and a half decades, like the Farmers Insurance Man “I know a thing or two because I’ve seen a thing or two”.  I have to say here, to protect myself from regulatory attack (as occurs when physicians tackle difficult problems with novel methods that do not support the concentrated economic interests of Medicine), that none of the following recommendations are “accepted” or “proven”. Indeed, to prove anything in Medicine costs a minimum of $30 million.  Non-patentable therapies or approaches that do not require hospitalization or an invasive procedure will thus never be “proven”.   Thus, the following are just my thoughts, and they apply only to my personal patients.  They are not designed to supplant, but rather to complement, other treatments that may be available.

A.  Limit exposure to Corona in relation to your constitutional health. My health is strong, so I do not need to  totally avoid interacting with others (leaving my patients “high and dry”), but if I were ill or immunosuppressed, I would stock up with two months’ worth of food and water and not leave my home until the threat has passed.

B. Non-specifically enhance your immune defenses. Our Winter Infection protocol seems to be helping patients who previously experienced recurrent infection from fall to spring. Thus, this approach makes sense for all of us as we face Corona (or other future viral threats).  Along with the supplements listed, ones we have used in the past, I have learned from patients about the First Line OSCN approach (, something that seems good to have on hand. 

B1.  UVBI (Ultra Violet Blood Irradiation – see UVBI information sheet and our four-hour YouTube presentation) non-specifically stimulates immune cells.  UV light also non-specifically kills viruses and bacteria.  UVBI should (and of course I cannot prove this) accelerate our immune response to Corona.  UVBI once a month makes sense for all of us, until the threat has passed. If Corona does become prevalent in NW Ohio, or if an individual is not constitutionally strong, then UVBI every one-two weeks is reasonable.  The down side of UVBI is primarily time and money. One can experience a Herxheimer Response (feeling toxic as microbes die off rapidly), and there is always the possibility of inflammation at the IV site, but risk here is low (we’ve been providing UVBI for two decades and there have been no important complications). We have two UVBI devices, and to be prepared, we just ordered a third. Now that Corona is in NW Ohio, I am receiving UVBI once a week.

B2. IV nano-silver. Silver is toxic to viruses and bacteria, and has no effect on multi-cellular organisms (like us). I learned about nano-silver to treat a soon-to-be family member who was experiencing acute Lyme symptoms due to a tick bite (it worked).  I got sick (not from Lyme but from Anaplasmosis) following a tick bite two years ago and treated myself in this fashion. In comparison to colloidal silver, the much smaller nano-silver particles proved a greater anti-microbial effect, and while colloidal silver can be retained in the skin, it is my understanding that nano-silver particles are not.  Our normal GI flora is not affected (slowly dividing normal microbes do not take up as much silver “poison”).  To my knowledge no virus can withstand exposure to nano-silver. As the die-off response is prominent (a good thing), we start with low doses of nano-silver and advance the dose as tolerated.  In active infection, IV nano-silver 2-3 times a week makes sense. Thus, we can use periodic UVBI to bolster our immune defenses and damage viral particles and bacteria in the blood, and we can use IV nano-silver to kill them. If IV nano-silver is not available, you can take Argentyn 23 (available at the office or on-line), one teaspoon under-the-tongue, five times a day until your symptoms have resolved (and of course you could do both).


                                                                                                                          Do Not Panic

Last, our greatest threat is Corona panic. Corona is not Ebola. Ebola divides rapidly, outpacing the immune response. Overwhelming viremia occurs, such that 90% of Ebola-infected individuals will perish.  Outbreaks extinguish quickly, as all infected either develop immunity or die, and with them the virus.  Corona is simply a flu-like virus to which none of us harbor pre-existent immunity.  As Corona divides slowly, symptoms may be minimal, and infected individuals can easily transmit the virus to others.  But as Corona divides slowly, our immune system has time to respond and thus (unless we all get sick at the same time and overwhelm the health care system) Corona mortality will be 1% in the US (greater risk in seniors and in those with health challenges).


Corona Winter Infection Preparedness Protocol


A. Avoid exposure to Corona (and viruses in general) in relation to your individual health risk.

B. Immune System Stimulation:
1. Ultra Flora Immune Booster (specific probiotic blend) one daily (M).
2. ImmuCore (M) one daily.
3. Ultraviolet Blood Irradiation monthly.
4. Vitamin D, aiming for a level
» 50 ng/ml (if not on Vit D begin 5,000 IU/day).

 C. Treatment of (any) Infectious Symptoms:
1. Essential Defense (M), 1-2 every 30
² at the first sign of infection; over 2 days as needed.
2. A. If infection is likely bacterial, begin Mykotaki (M), one twice a day over 2 weeks.)
    B. If symptoms are more likely viral, begin Andrographis Plus (M) twice daily over two weeks.
    C. If not sure you could take both.
3. First Line OSCN every other day over six days.
4. UVBI weekly.
5. IV Nano-Silver, two-three treatments per week until symptoms attenuate.
6. Argentyn 23 one teaspoon sublingual five times a day can complement IV silver protein.

 (M) refers to Metagenics. Local compounding pharmacies may carry Metagenics products; otherwise they can be ordered on-line or by phone (after registering on-line; please click the Ordering Supplements on Line tab on Argentyn 23 is available on line.  The First Line OSCN approach can be obtained from None of these recommendations are FDA approved to treat Corona, nor are they “standard of care”. On the other hand, there are no FDA approved Corona treatments, and there is no “standard of care” to prevent or treat Corona. My recommendations are my thoughts, based upon what I have learned practicing Medicine, with an open mind, over the past 35 years. These recommendations pertain only to my personal patients.


                                                                                                                James C. Roberts MD FACC FAARFM     3/22/20