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Comprehensive Heart Care - Dr. Roberts' Medical Practice 

Ordering Supplements On-Line (New 9/15)

Enhanced External Counterpulsation - EECP                     

Total Body Balance Medical Weight Loss Program - TBB

Magnetic Molecular Energizer Therapy - MME  

                Methyl Cycle and Detox Genomic Analysis (Updated 5/15)

                Berberine Presentation and Bibliography (New Summer '14)

                Approaches to Detoxification (New 1/14)                                                                        Book Information  

                Immune Mechanisms in Atherosclerosis and Heart Failure                             

Endothelial Function Testing (New Project Fall - 2012)   

Ultraviolet Blood Irradiation (New Project Spring - 2012)                                  

Clinical Studies Home Page   

CIRT:  Chronic Inflammation Reduction Trial - Ongoing

FRAS:  IV Nutrition vs. Placebo in Stroke Recovery - Completed

Dal-OUTCOMES:  Dalcetrapib (HDL elevating therapy) is subjects with ACS - Completed             

TACT Study (the Trial to Assess Chelation Therapy) - Completed