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The two articles listed below are available to you in PDF form - please click on the titles and allow a moment for up-loading:

Nanotechnology News Magazine Jan-Feb 2002 - 2/1/02

Nanocomputer Magazine Article - 3/14/02


The following three articles are presented in Word format - Please click on the titles

Nanobacteria:  Major Breakthrough in Arterial Health, by Dr. Stephen Sinatra

This is an excerpt from Dr. Sinatra's newsletter, reviewing current thinking about N. sanguineum and its role in cardiovascular disease

Alleged Nanobacteria do not Cause Calcification of Arterial Plaque, by Dr. Elmer Cranton

In this paper Dr. Cranton challenges the concept that N. sanguineum underlies calcific cardiovascular disease.

Nanobacteria Do Exist and Actively Participate in the Calcification of Arterial Plaque, by Dr. E. Olavi Kajander                                                     

This paper is Dr. Kajander 's rebuttal to Dr. Cranton's paper.

A Response to Dr. Kajander's Letter, by Dr. Elmer Cranton

Here Dr. Cranton comments on Dr. Kajander's rebuttal to his initial challenge paper.

Alternative View on the Putative Organism, Nanobacterium sanguineum, by Professor Charles F. A. Bryce                                                             

Dr. Bryce presents his argument against the existence of N. sanguineum