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                                                                              Ordering Supplements On-Line

This page helps you order supplements on-line.  Please click on the name of the nutraceutical firm desired and link to their sites.  On-line ordering lowers your costs, allows us to recommend a broader range of nutritional therapies, and lowers our office work load and overhead.  This is a win for all of us. On your Treatment Change Instruction Sheet, I will check the desired supplement; following the name of the specific supplement will be a short-hand notation as to which manufacturer to use and their specific product number.  For example, when I check B-Supreme (DfH-BSP060), that refers to the B-Supreme supplement, provided by Designs for Health; their product code for this particular supplement is BSP060. You are free to obtain your supplements for any source you prefer, but if you utilize an off-brand product, do not be surprised if the results are sub-optimal. I strongly prefer that you utilize supplements provided by nutraceutical manufacturers who I trust and have experience working with.  If there is an "or" after a supplement, that means that you have the option of obtaining a given supplement from the alternate manufacturers listed.


                                                            Designs for Health
Designs for Health has a long-standing positive reputation for supplement quality and customer service. A great deal of thought goes in to their products.  Shipping is free with a $50 order.  If you are not comfortable ordering on-line, you can place an order by phone at 800-847-8302. 


Metagenics is the largest nutraceutical firm in the US.  Their reputation is stellar. Metagenics conducts its own research, and Metagenics spends a great deal of energy educating practitioners. Dr. Roberts participates in Metagenics seminars as a teacher and as a student.  Metagenics is a leader, often the first firms to come out with a new approach.  The practitioner code for Metagenics is JRoberts. You can also order by phone at 800-692-9400 (after first registering on-line just once).

                                                             Douglas Labs
To order from Douglas Labs please first create an account.  The affiliate number needed is 2121076.

                                                                         Emerson Ecologics/Wellevate
Emerson Ecologics provides a large number of nutraceuticals from a large number of manufacturers.  To order from Emerson, please contact Wellevate at 855-935-5382.  Wellevate will take orders over the phone or set up an online account for you.  Let them know that you are a Dr. Roberts patient.

                                                               Med Five
I helped in the design the Med Five.  Thus my personal patients can obtain Med Five at a reduced cost.  You will need a password which the office will provide you.  If you call Med Five, please keep in mind that Med Five is based in Hawaii and is thus six hours behind us (and please say "Aloha" to Rick).

                                                                           Life Extension
Life Extension has a great monthly magazine.  They also provide lab work at a reasonable cost. 

                                                              Thorne Research
Go to or call 208-263-1337.  You will need Dr. Roberts's Patient Express Code, which is HCP1002111.

                                                              Holistic Heal
This is Dr. Amy Yasko's nutraceutical webstore.