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           Medical Director:  James C. Roberts MD FACC FAARFM
           Practice Manager:  Doug Meyer  chcbilling@sbcglobal.net
           Staff:  Shelley Venable, Sandy Miller, Cindy Roberts,
           Shelley Smelcer RN, and Katlyn Venable

                      3110 W. Central Ave.  Toledo, Ohio  43606
                      Phone (419) 531-4235 Fax (419) 531-6236      

Methyl Cycle Nutrigenomics

Chelation Therapy
Phosphatidylcholine (PPC)
Carotid IMT Testing
CV Nutritional Therapy
Drug Therapy in CHF
Testosterone Pellet Replacement
Estrogen Metabolism

   Endothelial Function & EndoPAT Testing       Immune Mechanisms of Atherosclerosis and Heart Failure       Book Information                 
            New Major Project 2023:       Cardiac VSEL Activation Case Studies

                         New Write Up 12/22:       Cyclodextrin Therapy (Cavadex) to Rapidly Reverse Atherosclerotic Vascular Disease - Embargo Lifted 3/13/24

                     New Write Up 7/21:      Integrative Approach to Atherosclerotic Vascular Disease

New YouTube Presentation 12/18:      PPC in Cardiovascular Disease     PPC - Anti-Oxidant, Anti-Inflammatory, GI, Liver, and Neurologic Benefits

New YouTube Presentation   5/21:      Benefits of Ouabain (g-Stropanthin) in Cardiovascular Disease                     

                     New Write Up 9/19:      HMG Co-A Reductase Inhibition to Lower LDL and Attenuate Oxidative and Inflammatory Stress