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Approaches to Detoxification

Overview – Environmental toxicity (organic pollutants and heavy metals) is a grave threat to health – your health and that of your descendents.  Lifestyle factors (which you can alter) interact with genomic “weak links” (which we can analyze and help you bypass) to determine at what age you will become ill (when the toxins will get to you).  The most important thing that we can do (after getting you through an acute health care crisis) is to optimize your intracellular nutritional status, and then move Heaven and Earth to identify, and then remove, every toxic molecule from your body – to return your biochemistry to the pristine state that Evolution and/or Our Creator intended.  These concepts are outlined below and are discussed in greater detail on and in our presentations (DVDs and information sheets are available to you).

Diagnosis – Which toxins do you bear and why did you retain them? 

1. Genomic Analysis:  While we can and will detoxify you without knowledge of your genomic status, an understanding of your inherited weak links will alter (and improve) our approach.
Methyl Cycle Nutrigenomics:  The Methyl Cycle is the backbone of your biochemistry.  Methyl Cycle defects prevent you from coping with environmental toxins, viral and bacterial invaders, and compromise proper reading of your genetic code.  Chronic, difficult to explain disease states, neurodegenerative conditions involving the young and premature “age related” conditions likely reflect an interaction between environmental toxins and Methyl Cycle predispositions.  While we can’t change your DNA, if we know your weaknesses, we can create nutritional “work arounds”, improving your ability to detoxify and defend.  Methyl Cycle testing is available (
» $550 via and » $100 through  This information will alter the way I treat you.  Upon request, I can create a detailed analysis/treatment plan, based upon your DNA findings, personal health and nutritional status, and toxin burden.
Detoxification Genomics:  We vary in our ability to activate (Phase I) a toxin, and then to combine it with a chaperone molecule (Phase II) that escorts it out through the kidneys or GI tract.  If I know your detox weak links then I can support them with specific supplements/dietary interventions. Detox Genomic testing is available through Genova Diagnostics (
» $500) or through (included in the $100 for your Methyl Cycle data).

2. Organic Pollutants:  These are non-metallic, fat-soluble molecules that bioaccumulate and compromise our physiology (and that of our offspring), particularly with respect to weight gain, diabetes, and neurologic disease.  Agent Orange, phyllates, bisphenol A, pesticides, and petroleum products are a few of the 100s of organic pollutants to which we (and our Mothers) have been exposed to (yes, this stuff readily crosses the placenta).  Fat, liver, and nerve biopsies would give us the most complete measure of organic pollutant burden but obviously are not practical.  We can estimate your tissue pollutant burden with:
A. The US BioTek organic pollutant screen looks at seven common organic pollutants and compares your personal levels against that of the rest of the US population.  This $125 test is easily done at home (a dipstick is dipped in a morning urine sample and then sent to the lab). 
Its downside is that it weighted more towards recent exposure then to chronic body burden.
B. The Genova Labs NutrEval gives us markers of Styrene and Petroleum product exposure, along with a great deal of ancillary information regarding nutritional and detox function.  The NutrEval is covered by Medicare (not with Aetna/Humana secondary); with commercial insurance the out-of-pocket co-pay is $170.  This is the best single test in Metabolic Medicine.
C. Metametrics provides more extensive organic pollutant testing, at a cost between $ 250 and
$ 600.  This is the best test available but perhaps not the best use of your resources.

3. Heavy Metals:  Metals enter our tissues, bind to proteins, and leave only slowly - if at all (the half-life of mercury in the nervous system is 10-20 years).  Metal exposure may vary, in relation to where you live and work, but as innate detox is so slow, metals bioaccumulate.  Tissue levels rise with age, with a concomitant increase in your risk for metal-induced or metal-aggravated disease states (conditions associated with inflammation or oxidative stress – neurologic and cardiovascular).  We need to estimate your body burden and then remove these elements that can do nothing but harm. So how best to estimate the level of metal accumulation within your internal organs?
A. Blood levels reflect recent exposure, and are of value in monitoring lead exposure in kids, industrial exposure in adults, and in epidemiology studies.  However, blood metal levels bear little relation to body burden, and are not of value in adult detoxification medicine.
B. Red cell metal levels tell us what your physiology has been exposed to over the preceding three months.  Red cell metals (and minerals) is included in the NutrEval, or could be obtained for $ 136 from Drs. Data.
C. Provocative Challenge is the accepted best estimate of body burden.  Here we administer oral and IV metal binding agents then quantify the metals excreted in a subsequent 6 hour urine collection.  Your cost ($250) includes our fee, the lab fee, and the chelating agents utilized.
Oral provocative challenge testing with 500 mg Merc Out DMPS provides less extensive results but can be carried out at home ($125 for all toxic metals and $85 for mercury only).
D. QuickSilver provides a blood, hair, and urine mercury assessment, and estimates the percentage of your mercury burden that is organic vs. inorganic in nature.  Cost is $ 350.

Treatment – How do we get this stuff out of you?
Methyl Cycle and Detoxification Genomic Abnormalities:  Nutritional supplementation and dietary avoidance measures are recommended, specific to your individual inherited weak links.
Chelation Therapy:  A generic term referring to the administration of agents that bind to and then remove toxic metals (but not organic pollutants) from your body.
1.  Mg-EDTA:  A series (20-30) of 3-hour IV infusions containing Mg-EDTA, B-Complex and Vitamin C.  Mg-EDTA was used in the NIH sponsored Trial to Assess Chelation Therapy (TACT, which demonstrated an 18-38% reduction in 5-year adverse event rate when chelation therapy was added to standard pharmaceutical/interventional management in individuals with prior heart attack). I have been treating my patients with Mg-EDTA for 20 years; we were first amongst cardiology practices and third overall with respect to patient participation in TACT.    When Lead and Cadmium are the problem, EDTA is the most effective chelator, and IV therapy is the most efficient approach.  The magnesium content is also helpful in BP management.
2. Ca-EDTA:  Calcium-EDTA alone is infused over 10 minutes.  With respect to metal removal, both IV approaches are likely equally effective, but here you do not receive IV nutritional support.  We favor Mg-EDTA in individuals with cardiovascular disease/hypertension and Ca-EDTA in younger patients (or if time constraints preclude you receiving a three hour treatment).
3. Essential Daily Defense (EDD):  EDD is a mixed oral chelator that is taken concomitant to any IV chelation (blocks recycling of bound metals from the GI tract back to the circulation).
4. DMPS:  25 years ago, our only toxin was Lead, and EDTA was all we needed.  Today we are being bombarded with “new and improved” toxins, particularly Mercury.  EDTA does not remove Mercury from your cells!  We remove mercury with “di-thiol” chelators:  DMSA and DMPS.  The Merc Out kit provides a 30 day supply of DMPS 125 mg, along with a corresponding detox support/mineral supplement.  We can address Mercury toxicity with IV DMPS, or utilize topical liposomal DMPS complexed with Glutathione.  Compared to EDTA, DMPS binds less avidly to Lead and is not an efficient Cadmium chelator.
5. DMSA:  Available over-the-counter or by standard or compounded prescription, DMSA will bind to and remove Mercury, Lead, and Cadmium, but DMSA is not as powerful as EDTA or DMPS.  DMSA is typically taken as 500 mg, 3 times a day, over 3 consecutive days, once a month, or within a program of DMSA 500 mg near bedtime, 10 nights on, 5 nights off.
6. Liposomal Phosphatidylcholine-EDTA (DetoxMax Plus):  Liposomes of Phosphatidylcholine serve as drug delivery vehicles for EDTA, dramatically enhancing its absorption following oral administration.  Lipophos EDTA serves as a slow and steady approach to metal detoxification, of particular value to patients with vascular insufficiency (please see our DVD presentation).
7. Med Five:  Med Five is a patented enteric coated EDTA/phosphatidylcholine tablet that we feel is better absorbed than standard oral EDTA preparations (see  I helped design Med Five and am a co-holder of its patent.  My personal patients can obtain Med Five at a discount (you receive a password).  The discount is a plus for you and resolves conflict of interest concerns (otherwise I would not be able to talk to my own patients about a health promoting approach that I helped to create).
8. Battle Plan for Mercury:  This protocol, which addresses heavy metal overload with specific focus on Mercury, was developed by my mentor and good friend Dr. Robert Battle.  The Battle Plan is typically run over 2-3 months and consist of:
A. Chlorella, five tabs with meals (or three times a day), all days (binds metals).
B.  Burber, 8 drops in 2 oz. of water before each meal (or three doses/day) all days.  Burber assists in mobilizing metals from deep tissue stores.  Let it set 1-2 mins. before consuming.
C. Algas, 10 drops in 2 oz. of water (let it sit 1 minute before drinking) twice a day – odd days.
D. NDF, 8 drops sublingual twice a day - even days (start at 1 drop and increase as tolerated).
E. Selenium 200 mcg daily (if not already present in your program).
F. Glutathione 100 mg sublingual, 102 doses twice a day.
This protocol is typically well tolerated by individuals with CBS up regulations, but if detox symptoms (fatigue, malaise, muscle aching) develop, then the doses of Algas and NDF may be decreased.  Dr. Battle often uses this protocol to help clear Mercury before beginning Lead and Cadmium detoxification with EDTA.
9. Metalloclear:  This Metagenics product promotes metal and organic pollutant detoxification.  Nrf2, when translocated to the nucleus, codes for the production of antioxidant and detoxification enzymes.  Metalloclear promotes nuclear translocation of Nrf2 and MTE (Metal Transcription Factor), which codes for the generation of our endogenous metal binder Metallothionine.  Metallothione’s job in health is to store Zinc and Copper, but it will also bind, and then transport to the liver for elimination, toxic metals such as Lead, Cadmium, and Mercury.  Monotherapy with MetalloClear involves three tablets twice a day (with food) over 10 days, but we often use it as an adjunctive or maintenance therapy at one tab twice a day.
10. Glutaclear:  This Metagenics product provides N-Acetyl Cysteine, Selenium, and Vitamin C, to increase Glutathione production, along with Broccoli extract, to promote Nrf2 translocation.  We typically recommend one tab twice a day.
11. Aura (Digital Homeopathy) Organ Detox Patches:  Digital homeopathy is an in-depth discussion (so we have DVDs, CDs, and handouts), but basically the patches emit frequencies that permeate your meridian system and neutralize toxins that you bear.  The toxins will not be removed, but rather electrostatically neutralized (allowing us to remove them in a deliberate fashion).  We can’t prove that this method works, but I think it does, and it is relatively inexpensive ($35 for a one month supply – typically worn over 2-3 months).  This methodology can also be used to estimate your body burden of toxins and screen for other health challenges.
12. Static Magnetic Field Chelation:  Exposure to a static magnetic field increases intracellular energy potential and increases the efficiency of any metal chelation program that we might employ.  This is the basis for MME and magnetic sleep pad assisted chelation – a huge step forward!  MME combined with chelation is providing outcomes that aren’t supposed to occur – please review the website to see what we are accomplishing.  My personal patients receive a discount when they purchase a negative field only sleep pad at
13. Asyra Homeopathic Detoxification:  Utilizing a physics similar to that of the Aura Patches, our Asyra device imprints treatment frequencies, specific to you, into a homeopathic carrier liquid – you take sublingual drops twice a day.  Asyra is repeated and new drops are generated every 2-3 months over 1-2 years.  Again, we cannot prove this approach with an allopathic lab study, but our observation is that our patients receive benefit from this approach.
14. Platinum Footbath:  Your feet or hands are immersed in salt water, in to which specific frequencies are applied.  The water is ionized; the field enters your body, and appears to break ionic bonds between toxins and your normal molecules.  The toxins are drawn out in to the water in a sort of “reverse electroplating” or “forced sweating” effect.  That toxins are being removed has been verified by third party chemical evaluations (see  I’m not sure whether metals can be removed by the footbath, but hydrocarbon toxins are, and it seems to be particularly well suited to patients with gout.  Footbath therapy lends itself well to in-home use.
15. Glutathione Patch – Your body’s own production of Glutathione increases (and blood levels rise) while you wear this drug free, non-transdermal skin patch (see
16. Far Infrared Sauna (FIS):  Sweat carries out with it toxic substances.  We sweat less as we age (aluminum containing anti-perspirants harm us here).  Regular sauna will sweat out toxins, but the extreme heat will not be tolerated by many of you.  FIS utilizes lower heat levels coupled with low level radiant energy derived from ceramic plates to generate active sweating.  FIS is therapeutic in several cardiovascular conditions (FIS is covered under Medicare, but we don’t offer this treatment - we can’t have people prancing around the office in their bathing suits). 
17. Frequency Specific Microcurrent (FSM):  FSM applies frequencies (via skin electrodes or a moistened towel) at 1/5000th the amplitude of the TENS unit.  While TENS therapy seeks to obliterate pain signals, with FSM we seek to communicate with or entrain our physiology to carry out a desired activity.  FSM can be applied to many health challenges (see our information sheet or

Costs – Your insurer will not cover the costs of any form of detoxification therapy.  They will describe it as “medically unnecessary” or “experimental”.  I will not write letters to request “pre-authorization” – this is simply a waste of time and risks labeling you as a “troublemaker”.  Detoxification is a comprehensive and often long-term process, and it is not inexpensive, but I think that you are worth it.  Please consider what you spend on a new car, or on a vacation, and then ask yourself what your health is worth.  If you do not wish, or cannot afford, to undergo detoxification, then we can still help you - and we will help you - but our focus then (by necessity) will be confined to nutritional intervention that you can afford and the administration of insurance covered drugs and invasive treatments to deal with the consequences of long-term toxicity.  Why not prevent this?  I personally spend a lot of time and money on my personal health (supplements, detox, home FSM, and lots of running shoes).  I like the idea of vibrant health and a vibrant mind, and I also realize that being sick ultimately will cost me more than staying healthy.  I also realize that “next day” and “fully covered” surgical approaches to preventable health conditions may not be available to me in later years (what is the wait time for bypass surgery or a knee replacement in England or Canada)?

Politics – Leave this at the door.  I am not interested in verbally sparing with other physicians who don’t know anything more about nutritional biochemistry and detoxification than I do about delivering babies or removing gall bladders.  Do not expect me to compromise on science to meet the expectations of other doctors, insurance companies, or government agencies that just don’t understand (or wish to understand) the devastating consequences of organic pollutant and metal accumulation on our health and the health of our children and grandchildren.   

     James C. Roberts MD FACC FAARFM          12/8/14 


Estimated Costs (not including tax)

Office Based (or Initiated) Diagnostic Procedures

Cost (1/14)

Triple Challenge for Metal Burden (includes 300 EDD*)


Merc Out Oral DMPS Metal Challenge – All Metals


Merc Out Oral DMPS Metal Challenge – Mercury Only


Merc Out Amalgam Removal Kit (four doses of DMPS)


Digital Picture Frequency Analysis


Nutrigenomic Analysis and Treatment Plan


QuickSilver Mercury Assessment


Laboratory Based Diagnostic Procedures


Genova Labs NutrEval  (Medicare covered)

» $170 (Std. Insurance)

US BioTek Organic Pollutant Screen


Red Cell Toxic Metals


Office Based Detoxification Procedures



$110 per IV (10 for $1000)


$ 90 per IV

Platinum Electrode Foot Bath Body Cleanse

$60 ($550 for 10)

Magnetic Molecular Energizer (MME)

$35 per hour

Frequency Specific Microcurrent

$1 per minute

Oral or Home Use Detoxification


Merc Out Oral DMPS (30 Day Supply)


DMSA – 500 mg compounded

Insurance Co-pay

DMSA – 100 mg as Chemet

Insurance Co-pay

DetoxMax Plus (Lipophos EDTA)

$30 per bottle

Essential Daily Defense*

300 for $55

Battle Plan (approximately two month supply)


QuickSilver Glutathione (100 x 100 mg doses)


Metalloclear (180)


Glutaclear (120)


Asyra (with drop generation)

$50 per session

Med Five (with password/discount)

$55 for 60 tabs

Aura Organ Detox Patches

$35 for 1 month supply

Life Wave Glutathione Patch

30 for $ 90

Far Infrared Sauna (for home use) – multiple vendors

» $400

Platinum Footbath (


Magnetic Sleep Pad (


QuickSilver Mercury Detoxification


Vibrant Health for Yourself and Your Family