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Treatments in blue are carried out in the office. Therapies carried out in the hospital setting, in red, will be carried out by other practitioners.  We want you to be aware of all of the options available to you.

External Counterpulsation - Our EECP program has its own site, which you can access by clicking EECP Home Page.  Briefly, EECP involves the application of pneumatic pressure to the lower extremities, aiming to generate retrograde flow of oxygenated blood into the coronary arteries, stimulating the development of collateral (natural bypass) vessels.  EECP, by providing the circulatory system with "passive exercise", provides a number of important biochemical effects, including a positive effect on Nitric Oxide generation and endothelial function.  EECP is of proven value in coronary insufficiency and CHF.  Dr. Roberts was the 22nd physician in the US to utilize EECP in the treatment of his patients with recurrent or treatment refractory coronary insufficiency, and over the past 20 years has treated over 1000 patients.

Immune Modulation - All effective approaches to Atherosclerotic Vascular Disease and Heart Failure involve Immune Modulation.  Our Three DVD Presentation covers the fundamentals pf this concept and discusses treatment options.  Case studies are presented with before and after cardiac echo images.

Chelation Therapy - Dr. Roberts has been providing his patients with Chelation Therapy (CT), in all of its forms, for 20 years.  He passed the written exam of the American Board of Chelation Therapy in 1986 and has participated in the training of other physicians in this technique.  Dr. Roberts was a Principal; Investigator in the Trial to assess Chelation Therapy.  Ten years ago there was only one approach to CT, the three hour infusion of Mg-EDTA.  Today we have multiple chelating agents, many of which can be administered in more than one way.  It will be Dr. Roberts' job to evaluated your need for CT and then to recommend a treatment program tailored to your individual health needs.  Basic concepts, EDTA, DMPS, and DMSA, will be discussed.  Click Chelation Therapy for more information.

Lipoprotein(a) Management

Ultraviolet Blood Irradiation - UVBI can be used to deal with infection, hypoxemia, and auto-immune conditions.

Integrative Approach to Heart Failure Brochure

Endothelial Dysfunction

Erectile Dysfunction - An Integrative Approach

Bioenergetic Support in CHF and Coronary Insufficiency  (Co-Enzyme Q10, Carnitine, and Ribose) - Supplementation with Co-Enzyme Q10, Carnitine, Ribose, and related agents involved in the conversion of chemical energy stored in food into the biochemical energy that fuels the  chemical reactions carried out by the body.  Bioenergetic Support is the "heart" of nutritional medicine.  Rather than memorizing what to take and at what dose, it makes more sense to understand the role that each substance plays in human energy metabolism.  For more information and dosing instruction you can review the Bioenergetic Support DVD or tape, or read Reverse Heart Disease Now or The Sinatra Solution. 

Drug Therapy for CHF - Neuroendocrine Blockade
The progressive deterioration in cardiovascular health experienced by the patient with CHF, the drop in pump function and the worsening of symptoms, is not due to the process that initially damaged the heart, but rather to the body's maladaptive response to the initial injury, the release of hormones and neurotransmitters that whip the heart to death.  Modern drug therapy for CHF effectively blocks these whips, giving the heart a chance to heal.  This concept, Neuroendocrine Blockade, will be presented, followed by a discussion of the major drugs that we utilize (b-blockers, Tissue Specific Angiotensin Converting Enzyme Inhibitors, Spironolactone, Digoxin, Pentoxifylline, and Statins (yes - statin drugs for CHF).  EECP, MME, and pacemaker therapy for CHF are discussed elsewhere on this site.  Click Drug Therapy for CHF.

Phosphatidylcholine Therapy - Phosphatidylcholine (specifically 1,2-dilinolenyphosphatidylcholine) is the most effective anti-atherosclerotic therapy in cardiovascular medicine.  This molecule, which we will refer to as essential phospholipid or PC, stimulates the enzymes of reverse cholesterol transport, promoting the removal of excess cholesterol from the cells of our body, including the cells that line our arteries.  PC has been shown to improve blood flow and reduce symptoms in humans with narrowed arteries, and to anatomically reverse atherosclerotic narrowings in animals and in humans.  Please click for much more information.

DeToxMax and LipoPhosEDTA - DeToxMax combines Phosphatidylcholine and EDTA in an absorbable oral format.  The general concept of of chelation therapy is discussed in the section bookmarked above.  DeToxMax and Lipophos EDTA are discussed on the Phosphatidylcholine treatment page.

Drug Therapy for Coronary Insufficiency and Angina - Beta blocker, calcium channel blocker, SL NTG, and long acting nitrate therapy are reviewed.

Dual-Chamber Pacemaker Implantation for CHF - Dual chamber pacing reduces symptoms and improves outcome in advanced CHF.

Coronary Artery Bypass Surgery (CABG) provides direct, anatomic revascularization, and is standard cardiology's most effective or "sure thing" approach to coronary artery insufficiency.  I have sent hundreds of patients for CABG when I feel that surgery is their best option. 

Balloon Angioplasty/Stent Placement rapidly restores flow within narrowed arteries and bypass grafts.  The down side of this procedure lies in the risk of renarrowing, termed restenosis, the impairment in endothelial function that follows balloon/stent trauma to the arterial wall, the small risk of a procedure related complication, and the uncertain risk for stent clot formation when Plavix anticoagulant therapy is stopped.

Approaches to Detoxification - Overview

Ionator Body Cleanse

Pellet Hormone Replacement Therapy  (and links to our Testosterone DVD Presentation and Estrogen Metabolism brochure) - In Men, small pellets of bioidentical testosterone are placed within the subcutaneous fat over the buttocks region, typically every six months.  Testosterone, free testosterone, and estradiol levels are monitored periodically, and the dose and timing of pellet placement are adjusted accordingly.  This concept is covered in great detail within our Testosterone - The Heart Hormone for Men DVD presentation.  Women are treated with subcutaneous pellets of bioidentical estradiol and testosterone.  Bioidentical progesterone is taken orally, near bedtime (promotes sleepiness).  To optimize safety we can assess and optimize a women's estradiol hydroxylation (activation) and neutralization (methylation and reduction) pathways.

Digital Homeopathy - Evaluation and Treatment - The digital approach to homeopathy that we employ is difficult to understand, and an even more difficult to write about - but this is the future of Medicine so I'll give it a try.  This section covers the basic concepts, then divides into sections on Medical Bioresonance, Asyra Evaluation, and Laser Energetic Detoxification (LED) - please click Digital Homeopathy

Activated Air Therapy

Methyl Cycle NutriGenomic Testing and Therapy

Relox Stroke Recovery - We participated in a multisite study of Relox Stroke Recovery and are permitted to offer this approach to our patients. I am constrained with respect to explaining how Relox works by a confidentiality agreement (outside of an office visit or personal interaction).  However, you can learn all about Relox from the inventor of this technique, Dr. Bruce Rind at www.drrind.com.

                                                                                                                                                                  James C. Roberts MD FACC FAARFM