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Preparation and Outcome Enhancement

You'll be paying out-of-pocket for MME, so if you are considering this treatment, the odds are that you have experienced a serious health set back, that prior treatments have been ineffective, and that other standard therapies are either not possible, or not possible at an acceptable risk.  If you're considering MME for coronary insufficiency, most likely your stent site has renarrowed or your bypass grafts have closed down, or maybe both.  If cardiomyopathy is the culprit, drug therapy is likely maxed out.  If you suffer from a neurological impairment, it is likely one that is considered untreatable by conventional means.  You are probably thinking of MME as your "last shot", so it is our job to makes sure its your "best shot".

This page describes measures that have value in their own right, and which, we feel, increase the likelihood that you will obtain, and then maintain, a good response to MME.   There will be overlap with other sections of this website, but repetition of important concepts never hurts.  This page will be broken down into the following sections:

Overall Approach

General Nutritional Measures

Magnetico sleep pad and oral DMSA in preparation for MME

Topical DMPS-Glutathione

Nutritional support in Coronary Insufficiency, Heart Failure, and Cardiomyopathy

Drug Treatment of Heart Failure

Digital Homeopathy - Evaluation and Treatment


Stem Enhance

Activated Air

Look in the Comprehensive Heart Care section for more treatment information