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Dr. Roberts has been in the private practice of Cardiology for 32 years.  He is Board Certified in Cardiology and Internal Medicine and is a Fellow of the American College of Cardiology (FACC).  Dr. Roberts is also an Advanced Fellow in Anti-Ageing and Regenerative Medicine (FAARFM).  He is actively involved in teaching various aspects of Integrative Cardiology within Integrative Medicine training programs, and in researching new drug and non-drug approaches to Cardiovascular Disease.  Dr. Roberts takes an integrative approach to Cardiology and Health Care in general, mixing Standard Cardiology with the best of Nutritional and Detoxification Medicine, while utilizing EECP for its unique benefits.  If this is the approach to Cardiovascular Disease that you wish to take and are able to take, then we can schedule you a new patient visit.  If you wish to be treated with drugs and surgery alone, or with nutritional agents only, then you will not be happy here.  If you have questions regarding Dr. Roberts' approach, please look through this website and review our audio-visual presentations and/or read Reverse Heart Disease  Now, co-written by Dr. Roberts with Stephen Sinatra MD, FACC. 


The EECP Center of NW Ohio opened in Aug '97 (18th site within the US), in conjunction with Dr. Roberts' cardiology practice, Comprehensive Heart Care. We have treated over 1000 patients; presentations as to how our patents have responded to EECP are available on this website.  The Medical Director of our program is James C. Roberts, Jr. MD, FACC, FAARFM, a Toledo native with 32 years of experience in clinical, integrative, and invasive cardiology.  Our EECP Coordinator is Beverly Baier RN.  If you would like more information on EECP or would like to schedule an appointment or  refer a patient, please call us at (419) 531-4235.  Our fax line is (419) 531-6236.  DVDs of Dr. Roberts' presentation on EECP are available from the office (on on this website) for your review.


3110 W. Central Ave.  Toledo, Ohio 43606 (Westgate area)